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Welcome to the Open Grid

What is EnerNOC Open?

A portal for technology-driven projects to enable collaboration and innovation in energy management

We want the smart grid to be open! It should be standards-based, focused on technology best practices and interoperable between vendors whenever possible. So we built a portal to share what we’re doing to make the grid more open, and collaborate with others who want to do the same!

Open Source

We’ve released open source software to bring high performance to the grid

OpenADR Clients

Java and Python client libraries allow developers to quickly start using OpenADR 2.0 with HTTP and XMPP. Support for other profiles and platforms coming soon!

OpenADR Server

Multi-protocol reference server for OpenADR 2.0. This can act as a simple VTN to demonstrate OpenADR functionality, or serve as the basis for a full scale VTN deployment.

Open Standards

We believe the smart grid should be based on open protocols and standards

OpenADR 2.0

We support and helped create the OpenADR 2.0 standard for energy information exchange. We’re active members of the OpenADR Alliance and contribute our expertise to help make OpenADR 2.0 an efficient format for energy data exchange.

Zigbee Smart Energy

We support the Zigbee Smart Energy standard for smart meter communication. Our goal is to release client implementations for SE 1.1 device profiles so developers can easily connect smart devices to a home area network.


We’ve created sample GreenButton data to use for simulations, modeling and integration testing!


XMPP is an IETF standard application protocol for low latency two-way messaging over wide area networks.

We’ve contributed to a number of open source client and server XMPP implementations. We believe XMPP is an ideal protocol for transmitting rich, extensible energy information in near-real-time. We are also leading the effort to standardize XMPP as the high performance transport for OpenADR 2.0.

Get Involved

Make the grid better by working together


Have a specific question? Want to collaborate? Send us a tweet @enernoc_open


Download the code, fork it on Github, or let us know if you have an open source energy-related project!

Open Positions

Passionate for code and clean technology? Check out our Careers page and see if we have shoes you can fill!